• In an effort to record Mopar vehicle history and follow the spirit of our mission statement "To continuously strive to enhance and advance the Mopar Automobile collector hobby. We have been recording and archiving vehicle identification numbers and related documentation (Broadcast sheets, option trim tag, MSO, titles, etc) since our business was started in 1952. In addition, we also have been recording option trim tags, broadcast sheets, engine blocks and transmission cases that have been separated from their vehicle.

  • If you would like your vehicle recorded into our very comprehensive data base, please reach out to us at There is no charge to have your vehicle placed into our registry and your information will be treated confidentially unless otherwise instructed.

  • We pride ourselves at keeping informed with all facets of the Mopar automobile hobby relating to muscle/collector cars in order to stay current with the pulse of the hobby and pass valuable information onto our customers. When only the best will do please reach out to us to assist with your Mopar needs.