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MMC DetroitField Guide
The Original Dodge and Plymouth Field Guide 1962 - 74. Don't get fooled. Bring this guide to the show.

This manual consists of 108 action packed pages. It is easy to travel with at 5 1/2" x 8".

This reference guide will assist the restorer, journeyman, event judges, enthusiasts, car clubs and collectors to understand the finer points of vehicle identification numbers, trim tags, broadcast sheets, Monroney, and numerous associated documentation.




Vehicle Inspection Validation
MMC DetroitMMC Detroit will physically inspect your Chrysler vehicle to determine its true authenticity. We are unique in that we specialize in Chrysler vehicles only. While no inspection is guaranteed to find every flaw in a used vehicle, a trained eye can help you avoid serious problems. Our service includes but are not limited to the following:

  • MMC Detroit will perform a 100+ point review of the entire vehicle. Excluded is the review of the structural integrity or powertrain performance. The Comprehensive formal report of findings of the subject vehicle review will be given only to you. No information about you or the vehicle will be given to anyone without a formal request from you.
  • Photographs of the vehicle, providing first hand evidence of the vehicle's condition at the time of the review.

Restoration Consulting
MMC Detroit will physically inspect your Chrysler vehicle and develop a plan for the restoration process including suggestions for services and parts. There are many details that go into a top notch restoration. These details can easily get overlooked if not examined and researched by the restorer, and a less than accurate restoration is the result. While it is never easy, or inexpensive to do an accurate job with the details, they truly separate the good cars from the great cars!If you are just looking to improve your existing restored vehicle to take it to the next level or just starting out with a restoration project we can help.
Reference Restoration Manuals
MMC DetroitMMC Detroit has developed and published for purchase a number of world class Restoration Reference Manuals that serve and support the Mopar enthusiast, vehicle restorers, event judges, and collectors since 1994. These manuals are highly detailed, and provide a level of information unlike any other manuals in the collector car hobby. These restoration reference manual are continually updated as new information. If you want to know the proper part, correct finish, correct fasteners, correct clips, production markings etc… during the restoration of a vehicle these manuals are for you.
Pre-purchase Inspections or Selling readiness
MMC Detroit will physically inspect your Chrysler vehicle and related documentation before you make a purchase or sell a vehicle. Experts agree that used cars must be inspected before the final negotiation for purchase to avoid problems in the future. While no inspection is guaranteed to find every flaw in a used vehicle, a trained eye can help you avoid serious problems. We look at hundreds of vehicles every year and have become very knowledgeable on identifying problems. We can help you buy the right vehicle for the money or maximize your sale price.

MMC DetroitOne of the biggest problems in private-party transactions is setting expectations. With a good quality inspection, you know where you stand with the vehicle.

Automotive experts agree that a good inspection serves several functions:

  • Verifies the authenticity of the vehicle as represented.
  • Verifies the base equipment and options on the vehicle
  • Confirms the condition level of the vehicle and investment potential
  • Reveals hidden problems that may not be readily identifiable.
  • Builds confidence in the value of the vehicle

Trim tag/ Certicard
MMC DetroitMMC Detroit can assist you with reproducing missing, rusted, or a duplicate options trim tag or 1966-68 Certicards. We will only reproduce this information for legitimate vehicles with validated options. If you are not able to supply us with the information needed to produce a legitimate aftermarket tag we will not print the tag.

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    restoration manuals Plymouth, Dodge B-body and E-body restoration Guide. Cuda, Challenger Charger Roadrunner GTX



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We offer services ranging from appraisals, authenticating, quality inspector, validation, pre-purchase inspections...

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We are looking for individuals, registries, clubs, etc. with expert reference knowledge who are willing to advance the Mopar hobby to the next level by contributing information and willing to work with us. Our initial focuse is developing the finer points of each performance model between the years of 1963 - 74.



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