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O.E. and U.R.O.E. Judging ©

The O.E. ( Original Equipment ) Judging or U.R.O.E. Certified © (Un restored original equipment ) judging process has been established based on over 100 years of experience and research. Vehicle entries into the certification process are evaluated against a set of standards as specified by the International Chrysler Collector Authority judging guidelines. The car is inspected for condition, originality and correctness.

The following is as example of the items inspected during this process, if available. It is important to the validation process that all-available information pertaining to the vehicle being inspected is made available in advance of the inspection.

  • Date codes
  • Body in white data sheet
  • Vehicle identification numbers
  • Dealer invoice
  • Component identification markings
  • Vehicle order forms
  • Finishes and plating
  • Warranty records
  • Quality control inspection identification markings
  • Vehicle traveler sheet
  • Correct utilization of fasteners, clips, tape, decals etc.
  • Manufactures suggested retail price label (Window sticker).
  • Correct routing of hoses, wires etc.
  • Paint department inspection sheet
  • IBM cards
  • Water test inspection sheet
  • Hardware and final line build sheets
  • Consumer information sheet
  • New car pre-delivery inspection sheet

This process is intended for the vehicles that have been completely restored or that are in an exceptionally original and near-perfect condition. More than 2,000 points can be awarded toward Gold, Silver or Bronze achievement.

Vehicles can be judged in this O.E. or U.R.O.E. classification only once. After a period of two years, the car may be entered into this classification again providing there is an opening. Only a limited number of cars that are accepted due to the nature and time required to perform this judging process. Acceptance is based on the vehicle's condition.

The U.R.O.E Certified © judging will be available by appointment only at select events. Please reference the ICCA WEB site www.iccahome.org for the event location and dates. Please call one of the following numbers to make your appointment to have your vehicle judged by the OE Authorities under the guidelines of the ICCA Certification process.

Many other available services are available for a fee at or outside of the designated events::

  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Consulting - Phone and/or on-site.
  • Vehicle appraisals - Insurance or market value
  • Pre-OE certification inspection
  • Validation - Detailed review of incorrect item found on a subject vehicle.
  • OE and U.O.R.E. judging

    P.O. Box 745

    White Rock, S.C. 29177



    "Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth and Mopar are trademarks of Chrysler LLC, and are used with permission. The owners of the certification are not affiliated with Chrysler LLC". "Certain illustrations and data displayed herein are used with permission from Chrysler LLC".

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