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Vehicle Consultation Service

We can provide you with a variety of services related to collector car vehicle auctions to enhance your auction experience. If you are buying or selling we can help. We have been involved in vehicle buying and selling transactions since 1952. We will provide you with a level of unparalleled differentiation over any other independent 3rd party inspectors as well as complete confidentiality relating to any transaction. We are well versed in most Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth muscle, collector and classics vehicles.

As I'm sure you know not all vehicles are accurately represented. Often there are details that are inadvertently overlooked, missed or just plain misstated that will have a significant impact on the future value and collectability of the vehicle. We are available to attend auctions in North America with or without you being present. This will provide you with the flexibility to bid remotely while we are present on your behalf. Feel free to reach out to us with confidence and that our services we will enhance your auction experience.

Typically the auction has the following statement in there terms and conditions. These statements imply do your homework, inspect as necessary, and sell or bid at your own risk.

  • Bidder acknowledges, understands, and agrees that each Vehicle is described and catalogued using facts and figures provided by the owner of the Vehicle.
  • The auction house has not, and assumes no duty to, independently investigate or verify any information provided by the owner of the Vehicle.
  • All Vehicles are offered "AS IS, WHERE IS.
  • Certain defects and faults in the condition of the Vehicles are to be expected, some of which are not readily ascertainable by their inspection, and for none of which may the auction house will not be held responsible.
  • All statements or descriptions of any Vehicle offered for sale by auction hereunder, whether written or oral, and whether relating to the condition of any Vehicle, its history, use, identity, origin, or otherwise, are provided for purposes of identification only, and are not intended to be relied upon for any purpose, but specifically including value.
  • What is your opinion of the value of your vehicle?

Pre Assignment Readiness:

Prior to the consignment of your vehicle for auction we will consult with you about your decision, physically inspect your vehicle, review existing documentation. Based on this review we will assist you in developing a plan of action of what enhancements can be made and how to properly market your vehicle to maximize its desirability and potential.

This objective 3rd party inspection of your vehicle it will provide you with:

  • Peace of mind to consign and sell with confidence.
  • Help you establish a realistic reserve price.
  • Additional level of vehicle validation documentation.
  • Knowledge that the vehicle is being properly and accurately represented.
  • A valuable differentiation over other like vehicles.
  • Enhance the desirability of your vehicle.
  • Maximize the value of the vehicle.

Pre Purchase Inspection:

We will assist you in the physical inspection of a vehicle to ensure that it is accurately represented. Our inspection is not limited to just a detailed report on the vehicle including a review of its documentation. We act as a "buyer's agent" and have your best interest in mind to achieve your objectives and to help guide you to bid with confidence. We will advise to the best of our ability that there are no significant issues that could potentially impact the future value and collectability of the perspective vehicle.

This objective 3rd party inspection will provide you with:

  • The peace of mind to confidently bid on a vehicle.
  • Help you determine the walk away price.
  • Minimize your risk of capital.
  • Not just relying on what is being disclosed by the owner or the auction house.

Post Purchase Inspection:

We will inspect your vehicle to ensure that the vehicle you purchased was properly represented. We will provide you with a full detail report with photographs that will be invaluable to you in the future. This will also give you peace of mind knowing exactly what you have as well as adding a desirable objective 3rd party inspection report. This report will enhance the value, collectability and your piece of mind that you have a known documented vehicle in you collection.

This is the perfect reference manual to be used during the review of a Mopar vehicle that you may be considering to purchase. It will provide invaluable information relating to the finer points of a Mopar relating to valuation consideration, numbers matching, VIN tag, trim tag, body SO/VIN numbers, broadcast sheets, window stickers, date codes, engine and transmission stamps etc...

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We offer services ranging from appraisals, authenticating, quality inspector, validation, pre-purchase inspections...

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We are looking for individuals, registries, clubs, etc. with expert reference knowledge who are willing to advance the Mopar hobby to the next level by contributing information and willing to work with us. Our initial focuse is developing the finer points of each performance model between the years of 1963 - 74.



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