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  International Chrysler Collector Authority Section # 9 Production Inspection marks

Paint markings

This section of the ICCA "Finer Points of a Mopar" manual in intended to provide some insight into the paint markings found on Chrysler vehicles. This manual is a work in progress and will be continuously updated as new information is discovered.

It has been a challenge compiling the most accurate and objective assembly information because there were two assembly plants for A bodies, up to five assembly plants for 1966-72 B bodies and two assembly plants for E bodies. Each plant had variations to numerous assembly processes and suppliers of components through out any given production period. However, the ICCA thought about inspection/judging a Mopar is to "never say it's not possible". There are still production processes today that are not consistently followed from day to day or vehicle to vehicle.

There is about 25-30 different paint markings on a vehicle. Just under half of the paint marks that appear were applied by inspectors during the final assembly phase of the vehicle. The majority of the paint marks and grease pencil were already on parts that arrived to the point of assembly from outside suppliers.

Many of the paint marks that are found on vehicles were actually part identification marks. These markings were applied outside of the final assembly point by the supplier of the part. In a high production assembly environment it is more efficient and it reduces the chances of error for the operators to look specific parts for installation to look for identifying colors then to read a part number. It is important to understand that production parts were not delivered to the point of assembly in boxes with part numbers. All parts were delivered in large dunnage containers.

Some procedures vary between assembly plants. Other marks may have been used early in the model year then relaxed as the assembly line workers understood how to perform their job. Very few vehicles received all the paint ID and/or inspection marks. The types and colors of the ID and inspection marks may very by the assembly plants processes and/or period of production.

The most common places to find paint daubs on the front suspension are the lower ball joints, lower control arms, idler or outer tie rods, idler arms, center link, pitman are, steering box, spindles and torsion bars.

Final assembly Inspection Marks

The paint colors used were primarily very close to the actual vehicle colors offered by Chrysler. However, the paint was a solid color and did not contain metallic flakes.

Part Identification color codes

The paint color codes used by suppliers were not the same paint colors that Chrysler offered as vehicle colors. The colors used were typical solid colors (i.e., red, blue, yellow, black, orange, pink, green etc...).


Inspection/ Identification Markers

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