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MMC Detroit Announces World's First 1968-70 Plymouth B Body Fastener Reference Manual for the true car professional.

- MMC Detroit launches the Plymouth fastener reference manual to assist Mopar vehicle restorers, event and OE judges, collectors and enthusiasts gain a better understanding of the correct fasteners used by the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

DETROIT -- January 16, 2006 --Charting another industry first, MMC Detroit today introduced it's third in a series of Mopar restoration manuals titled; 1968-70 Plymouth B-Body Fastener Reference Manual.

This manual is the ultimate Mopar restoration manual for the identification of the correct engine, transmission, axle, suspension, interior, bumper, frame and body fasteners for Plymouth B-Body cars. It is the best and most complete fastener reference manual of the series that has been written to date. At the request of many professionals in the hobby extra effort, time and care was taken to assure the information is easily understood and as accurate and detailed as possible.

Just like the other existing fastener reference manuals this manual will assist Mopar vehicle restorers, event and OE judges, collectors and enthusiasts gain a better understanding of the correct fasteners used by the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

The 1970-74 E-Body Fastener Reference Manual (Volume 1 version 1) was the first reference manual compiled by MMC Detroit and its debut publication was in 2004. This manual is in circulation in its 3rd and expanded version.

It has been recognized and publicized by many industry experts as a must have. All manuals are continuously being updated with newly acquired information. The company is currently developing additional Mopar manuals and plans to announce them at a later date.

Byron Fettig and David Wise, the authors, have always shared a passion for older Chrysler Corporation vehicles. It started as their hobby more than 25-years ago and still remains one today. Over the 25-year year span, both Byron and David have done extensive research on these vehicles and the fasteners used in them. This is how the manuals are able to contain highly detailed photographs, illustrations and helpful hints.

Just like the other fastener reference manual, this manual was compiled using notes, photographs and illustrations. These were all combined with the factory original technical process sheets, service manuals, part prints, fastener manufacturer information and parts manuals.

If you want to know how to assemble and/or verify the correct fastener size, head markings, finish or grade, these are the only manuals and the ultimate source for the true car professional.

Manual Facts

More than 1800 digital photographs of fasteners
More than 500 pages
More than 270 fastener manufacturer's ID markings
More than 350 digital photographs of parts
More than 25 technical process illustrations


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Moparr Motor - Detroit
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