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These manuals are fantastic - I just can't put them down! Instead of reading a magazine or watching a TV show, I grab one of them to peruse thru. There is a phenomenal amount of knowledge (and research) in them. I just wish I had them during the mid-80's when I restored my hemicuda. I can now see several things that I didn't do right or that don't have the correct finish, especially screws and bolts. I wanted it to be perfect back then and now I know that there are a bunch of items that I need to correct. I guess I'll slowly peck away at it as time permits. Thanks for publishing these informative manuals.


Hi Dave,

I received the manuals today. Thanks for getting them out so quickly. Great stuff! Wished I had them 22 years ago when I first restored my Challenger at age 16.



I received the ICCA manual. WOW! Very impressive. The amount of information is unbelievable. Thanks for making my life that much easier. I will definitely be purchasing the others in the near future.

Thanks again,

I'll tell you Dave, and I'm sure that you have already been told this before, but you have the BEST most up to date web site for us Mopar fanatics that I have ever seen.

There is not one like yours in content and the fact that it is actually updated and added to on a regular basis. I can go on your site at any given time and find information, documentation & photos that I have not seen before almost every time. I print off just about every photo that you offer and have an on going "MMC Detroit" documentation folder to refer to if anyone in our local Mopar club needs information on anything. I have purchased every edition of your "B" body books and one of the "E" body manuals just to have as reference.

Len Jacksonville, Fl.

The report is thorough and easy to read. I am very satisfied with your service and will recommend you to friends and use you again, if possible.

Thanks, Jeff

Thanks very much for handling my request for the appraisal with a compassionate sense of urgency. It was certainly a pleasure speaking with you today. I look forward to continued communications long into the future.

Thanks again, Joe

GREAT job on the revised edition of the Dodge fastener manual, especially the part where I get the credit for the alternator bracket.

Len / Jacksonville Fl.

You guys put together a great fastener reference manual. Wow. nearly 500 pages of technical info. While my cuda is far from factory, I cant ever get enough info on these awesome muscle cars. Looking forward to seeing the restoration manual.


I purchased your book at the Fall Fling in CA. I love it, I have about 400lbs of nuts and bolts from all of the cars I parted in the 1980s. When I am watching TV, I sit down with your book, sort and bag bolts for my 5 Cudas I am trying to restore. I really appreciate your work on this stuff.

Ron - California

"This the most complete and accurate listing of fasteners that I have seen in this area. It literally contains every fastener by product number found on the car, along with a large, clear photo of the item and in some cases, a diagram of where it is located. This has come in handy in my 70 Hemi Cuda clone project. Great work!"

Rob - California

........i have found this to be a one of a kind resource. A resource that will aid restorers/owners concerned with returning their vehicle to original standards with correct hardware and misc. fasteners. For those that have not spent 30 plus years doing research on this sort of thing.....this manual is an instant aid.

Frank Badalson - Richmond, VA

"This extensive work will serve as both a blessing and a curse to restoration shops as they'll not be expected to have the correct bolts in the correct place or risk finishing second to a car that does.

As the title implies, this is meant to be a guide for restorers and OE judges to ascertain what is factory correct down to the last nut and bolt. The ante just got raised again! It's becomming more and more difficult to have a 100% correctly restored car these days.

If your contemplating the restoration of an E body, make the call and get the book; you'll certainly not complain that ther's not enought information here!

Mopar Collector Guide - October 2004

I want to thank you for taking the time to put so much effort into detail on the "Guide to E Body Fasteners manual". I was simply amazed when first seeing the cover of the manual and just had to get a copy! Once I opened the pages, I was even more amazed! This manual will surely be a tool to allow me to know what part attaches by what fastener and the correct fastener to obtain. Thank you for your time and effort to detail.

Smilin' Ed - Las Vegas, NV

Hello Dave,

The manual looks nice. I like the cover and the clean page layout.

Your work should generate lots of interest in fasteners !

Max - AMK Products Inc.


This is a great effort on your guys parts. I am amazed, I knew some of the big stuff but this is very comprehensive. I hope that your list of todo will include E-body assembly manuals with those factory blues prints, and A and B too. Even the few in your manual are very helpfull.
Thanks a bunch

Shawn - Toronto, ON Canada,

With the value of E-bodies continually rising, the Guide to E-Body Fasteners book will help owners ensure that their car is as factory correct as possible and therefore command the most money. It's an extremely valuable resource for any restorer or owner.

Robert Genat
Author of Hemi Muscle Cars, Hemi - The Ultimate
American V-8, Six-Pack, and Mopar Muscle - Fifty Years

Hi David, I received my E body book yesterday; unbelievable! You have filled a huge void. I can't imagine the time it took to research this stuff, catalog it so nicely, and get it printed in such a high quality book. It is well worth 79.00 and truthfully more.

Thanks again,
Charlie Smith



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